dumps track 1 2 with pin good all country





BALANCE is random ( from $ 1,000 to $ 7,000 ) for each kind of Dumps & Pin. Please contact us directly for more details

– CARD DUMPS TRACK PIN USA : ( 101 ) , ( 201 )

Visa Classic – Master Card -[Standard] : $115 ( 1 piece )
Amex – Disco – Master -[Gold, Platinum] : $130 ( 1 piece )
[Business – Signature – Purchase – Cooprate – World] : $150( 1 piece )

– CARD DUMPS TRACK PIN UK : ( 101 ) , ( 201 )

Visa Classic – Master Card -[Standard] : $130 ( 1 piece )
Amex – Disco – Master -[Gold, Platinum] : $150 ( 1 piece )
[Business – Signature – Purchase – Cooprate – World] : $170( 1 piece )

– CARD DUMPS TRACK PIN CANADA : ( 101 ) , ( 201 )

Visa Classic – Master Card -[Standard] : $115 ( 1 piece )
Amex – Disco – Master -[Gold, Platinum] : $130 ( 1 piece )
[Business – Signature – Purchase – Cooprate – World] : $150( 1 piece )


Visa Classic – Master Card -[Standard] : $130( 1 piece )
Amex – Disco – Master -[Gold, Platinum] : $150 ( 1 piece )
[Business – Signature – Purchase – Cooprate – World] : $170( 1 piece )


Visa – Master Classic, Standard : $100 ( 1 piece )
Amex – Discover Gold, Platinum : $120 ( 1 piece )
Business – Signature – Purchase – Cooprate – World : $140 ( 1 piece )

– CARD DUMPS TRACK PIN JAPAN : ( 101 ) , ( 201 )

Visa – Master Classic, Standard : $110 ( 1 piece )
Amex – Discover Gold, Platinum : $130 ( 1 piece )
Business – Signature – Purchase – Cooprate – World : $150 ( 1 piece )

– CARD DUMPS TRACK PIN CHINA : ( 101 ) , ( 201 )

Visa – Master Classic, Standard : $110 ( 1 piece )
Amex – Discover Gold, Platinum : $130 ( 1 piece )
Business – Signature – Purchase – Cooprate – World : $150 ( 1 piece )


Track 1/2 without Pin ( Us ) : $75 /1pcs

Track 1/2 without Pin ( Uk ) : $90/1pcs

Track 1/2 without Pin ( Ca ) : $75 /1pcs

Track 1/2 without Pin ( Aus ) : $80 /1pcs

Track 1/2 without Pin ( Eu ) : $90/1pcs

Track 1/2 without Pin ( South Africa ) : $65 /1pcs

Track 1/2 without Pin ( Japan ) : $80 /1pcs

Track 1/2 without Pin ( China ) : $70 /1pcs


  • HiCo-Magnetic-Card-Reader-Writer-Encoder-Mag-Club-MSRE206-Comp-MSR206-MSR605  –  price  $ 150

  • MSR605 Magnetic Card Reader Writer Encoder Stripe Swipe Credit Magstripe MSR206               –  price  $ 190

  • Smallest MSR09 X6 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer C/MSRE206/605 USB-Powered           –  price  $ 190

  • MSR605X+MINIDX3 Magnetic Credit Card Swipe Reader Writer Encoder Portable reader        –  price  $ 170

Sample Track 1/2 with & without pin

– AMEX 101 USA


Fresh Bins :

=> GOLD :
[427138] [37] * Visa CREDIT GOLD CITIBANK USA [SC 101]
[418586] [47] * Visa CREDIT PLATINUM PROVIDIAN BANK USA [SC 101] 011]
[451237] [12] * Visa CREDIT PLATINUM E*TRADE BANK USA [SC 101]
[406057] [14] * Visa CREDIT PLATINUM DIGITAL F.C.U. USA [SC 101]
[475570] [21] * Visa DEBIT BUSINESS ALPINE BANK USA [SC 101]
[432815] [3] * Visa CREDIT CORPORATE ALLEGACY F.C.U. USA [SC 101]
[514209] [13] * Master Card PULSE EFT USA [SC 101]
[514018] [4] * Master Card CREDIT NORWEST BANK NEVADA USA [SC 101]


1. You make payment to us based on our agreement order.

2. We send information of Dumps Track Pin as agreement to you.



Contact us
ICQ: 911-99999
Yahoo: sellcvv1981



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  1. Your track USA is very good, I put all my all my trust into you guys!

  2. I received my Dumps very fast after sending money, it did work, and of course I am going to spend more on your site because I know you are surely a Master hacker!!!

  3. After 4 days, my physical card had come to my house, I and my friend used it to shopping and it did work with POS machine at the store, we spent around 500$ and it passed POS machine!!!!

  4. I came from Cape Town city, and looking for a dupms with Pin to take cash at my country South Africa, It was nice to get a good dumps pin at my country cause I have seen a lot of scammer on this market.
    You did give me a chance to make it done, and I am thankful for what you gave me, I was able to get 900$ at first time, I will be in touch with you in then next few days for sure

  5. I’m interesting dumps with pin , Check your email plz. i sent yesterday

    1. Check your email !

    2. unbelievable ! Thanks boss very very much , i earn more $3000 profit this week . I will introduce a friend to you

  6. My english not good, but i want to earn money with dumps service. can you help me
    i’m chinese

    1. Thanks for your help . You are the best

    2. 中国人? 加我qq1023106326

  7. I bought 3 dumps track last week and 2 of them works very well. But 1 not work, and they replaced it for me freely and this one works well like 2 previous. I will continue using your Dumps trac!

    1. Which dump did u get

  8. Dumps was really nice and work well with POS machine, I bought some clothes at Nike without any trouble

  9. how can i buy dumps with pin Usa type Debit . do you have it ?

    1. please contact us Via Icq or email . thanks you

    2. Check your vault . i have sent bitcoin to your account. i want 1 debit gold and 1 debit business

    3. we did received your payment . check your email for 2 dumps debit

      1. check your email bro

        1. emailed. check again bro

    4. OMG !! it very very good brooo . i cash over $2k for 2 dumps. we will buy over 10 dumps next weeks. we relax now .. thanks you very much

  10. how much for dumps track 1-2 usa with pin . type debit . i prefer code 101 . thanks

    1. Check your email , Thanks !

      1. i need some dumps 1-2 pluspin

        1. hi. check your email pls or contact us via icq 91199999

  11. That dumps-pin is very good !
    when i buy bulk, can you discount for me ? maybe $75 per 1 pcs

    1. We just accpect bonus more dumps when you buy over 10 pieces

  12. Hello
    I need track 1 / 2 with pin . cash out ATM from Canada

    1. Check your email plz !

  13. Okay. i’m reading your email now. i will buy 2 Dumps-pin on first deal. i will Feedback soon

    1. Your DUmps pin very good bro . thanks your team.
      I will Buy much more on tuesday . have nice weekend.. thanks again

  14. 24hours i send the money still waiting for my dump + pin

    1. Check your email plz !

  15. How do i go purchasing the dumps and where do i send payment

    1. Plz check your email !

  16. I bought 3 dumps pin.. just only one dumps good. replace 2 dumps Please.

    1. Check your email plz. i have sent 2 d-p

      1. Thanks you . i will Check that dumps in the morning
        Good night

      2. Good dumps bro ! thanks you. i will buy 10 dumps-pin a week. (y)

  17. yr icq cannot found , still in business ?

    1. ICQ: 91199999
      contact us directly

  18. Hey I Need All your price list please

  19. How can I buy dump-pin on site ?
    I wanna buy few d-p China .

    1. contact us directly : ICQ 91199999 Skype:

  20. The best vendor on the whole internet!

    1. Thanks , Contact us directly ICQ 91199999 !

  21. I’m interesting with your dumps pin . i’m from china, i see dumps 101 or 201
    which way is better for me . i’m new , help me please . have a lot people working for me

    1. Hi man !
      Code 101 mean (1) International interchange (o)Normal use (1) without restrictions
      so a 101 dump can be used in any country for cash or goods and services payments without restrictions.
      Code 201 mean (2)International interchange with IC or chip (o) normal use (1) without restrictions
      so 201 dump can be use in any country for cash or goods and services payments without restrictions BUT CHIP VERIFICATION MUST BE DONE!
      I recommend to the noobs to work only 101 dumps.

    2. I like to buy some dumps pin 101 chinese . do you have it ?

      1. Have available , we will send around 15 minutes after received payment
        we accecpt bitcoin payment or perfect money payment
        Pls check your email !

      2. Thanks sir , Please check your bitcoin address now. i have sent payment for 3 dumps pin base 101

      3. Check your email. i sent total 4 dumps pin 101 (bonus on firsttime)

      4. okay. i saw your email . i will work on morning tomorrow and feedback soon
        thanks again

  22. I need 2 Dumps T1 and T2 With Pin for Trails

    1. Plz check your email , or contact us – ICQ: 91199999

  23. Thanks your support team !
    I get any problem , but your team help me so much. thanks again .. Feel lucky that finnaly i find a legit hacker like you. Good quality dumps !

  24. Thanks to my friend ( Brian ) recommendation about your team, i had used 2 dumps track base 101 at texas last night. i’m more than satisfieds about that. thanks you a alot for your work

  25. Whats the rates for all the D+P

    1. Pls Check your email !

  26. Hi team . It works very welllll !
    My friend used your data dumps and writed in his blank card then he came to ATM withdrawing cash total $2400 for 4 card.
    Finally, i found a legit hacker . i will recommend you guys to all of my friend .
    Thanks you very much !

    1. We are happy to work with you

  27. I need dumps with pin

    1. Pls Check Your Email !

      1. how I buy dumo ?

        1. ? contact us via ICQ 91199999 or email:

  28. Можно ли у Вас первый раз купить 1 дамп в порядке исключения

    1. English Please !
      Check your email

  29. Alguien de México mi correo es tama……

    1. check your email pls !

  30. Yo soy mexicano tiene alguna efectiva que sirva en mi pais

  31. I’m interesting with Alot good feedback. i want make first deal with good price. Contact me soon boss

    1. Hi man , check your email pls

    2. i’ve Read your email 5 minute ago. i wanna buy 2 dumps Eu on first deal, Bitcoin payment

    3. Bitcoin payment is better than other payment. price $260 for 2 dumps pin EU base 101
      i have sent my address bitcoin to your email. when you sent payment, let me known

  32. Sent, please check your vault. and send 2 DP to my email. i will work on morning tomorrow and feedback soon. thanks you

    1. Done ! check your email pls. we will guarantee balance over 500 EUR on each.

  33. Im from México, im interest…

    1. Check your email Pls !

  34. i have been looking for a hacker for almost 6 months to find a good vendors of dumps. And after working with you guys over past 2 months ago, i’m very happy that finally i have came to a good place providing me a good a good data of dump track pin. Although i dissapointed sometimes cause your team is so cold and replied me late, but i known you guys is busy all the time. 4 days ago, i ordered 20 dumps track USA, and received it after 20 minute from your team .. i and my friend used all of them by yesterday, and my friend told me that 3 dumps did not work while all my dumps worked already. The thing i appreciate is that your team changed for me 3 new dumps immediately without asking why ??? and my friend called me back said that only 2 dumps not work not 3. I do not what to say, i send to my friend only 2 new dumps and sent back 1 dumps to support team . 2 new dumps work as normal. thanks for your work so much, your hacker team is prefectly. God give me to here. and i will be here as long as you guys being here. God bless all you guys

  35. Hi, i am looking for dumps + PIN for USA (track 1 and 2) and prefer state of AZ if possible. I am new member and hope to be long term customer. Can you help please?

    1. Hi you
      check your email pls !

      1. Hi, bitcoin was sent. still waiting on response for info. Please update me as soon as possible. Kind of emergency



          1. Okay bro. work and feedback soon

  36. It fucking damm works !!! i did take $1900 from two dumps pin at Arizona 2 hours ago !! I will recommended your website to my friends there. They will contact you soon bro. Big thanks to you guys .

    1. Thanks you, relax tonight !

  37. Hi brothers, my friend suggested me to do bussiness with you guys, I need dumps with pin to use at Mexico. Let contact me for building bussiness. I need detail of these services. Thanks in advance

    1. Check your email pls

    2. i have seen your emails. Price $300 for 2 cards physical insert data dumps with pin code ? . How long will i received that cards after sent payment ? and balance over $500 on each card . that right ?

    3. yes all rights . you will received that cards around 2-4 days after done payment. let me known when you sent payment

    4. Sent, check your vault . try get good card for me . i will do alot more deal with your team

    5. Received your payment. you will received 2 cards dumps 2-4 day later . feedback soon

  38. Biggg thanks to your team sir. after waiting 3 days to get my cards with pin code. i was able to withdrawn cash at ATM and got $1100 2 hours ago. God bless your support team

  39. when i purchase a usa dump with track 1 & track 2, with pin whats the avg amount of cash that im able to cash out in….?…thank you for your time and consideration.

    1. check your email pls

  40. Hello my friend… I want to buy dump with pin.. how do I buy 101..

    1. contact us via ICQ 911-99999 or email:

  41. I want to buy dump with pins how can I purchase them

    1. check your email pls !

  42. Hello my friend… check your email

  43. Good data of Dumps, bought 2 Master to use at Florida, balance is little bit low, $900 and $1k1 each one. Pin matched with Cards, but I waited 4 days to receive my cards which was late than expected. Trump is now President, i will need more money from you to keep staying study here.

  44. Very good Dumps, bought 1 Visa + 1 Master plastic cards, waited 4 days and receive the cards look so new, Pin is correct, was able to withdraw cash ATM for Visa already, will do for Master on tomorrow . Thanks your team

  45. Do you have track 1/2 with pin China ?

    1. Yes, have dumps pin china . price $110 per 1 pcs . min sell 2 dumps
      check your email pls !

  46. I am def interested I’m new to this whole thing but from all these great reviews I’m ready just need info: dumps with high balance? 2k to start? Is there shipping fee? How long does it take to get to me? I’m in Maryland ? Can you buy stuff online? I would like a pin # and what forms of payment do you take?

    How are they shipped by mail?
    Sorry for all the questions but I already got scammed. Thx

    1. we are legit team hacker !
      check your email pls or contact us via ICQ : 91199999

      1. What is this ICQ? I’m new

        1. icq messenger ! contact us via icq: 91199999
          check your email pls !

  47. Both dumps pin worked . I feel very fortunate to be working with your team. because I’ve been so many times scam
    yours team is the best in my heart

    1. Nice ! let me known when you want buy more China dumps pin

  48. Tôi đang cần người bán tốt xin cho tôi chi tiêt

    1. English pls ! i saw your email and emailed . check your email

  49. i would like to open an account

    1. hi. check your email pls or contact us via icq 91199999

  50. i wanna say thanks you to bussiness team. i’m very new on this way and trying to use Dumps tracks. I bought first dumps USA and has no ideal how to use it, and then daniel help me alot to write and insert data i bought in to a blank card and ship to me. After 5 day i received a card with happiness, but actually, i still doubt that this card will work
    i came to cloth shop and buy some thing for my girl friend, when i check out , i used this card to POS machine and the magic happened !!! the cashier gave me an invoice and this card along with my girl friend clothes.
    I leaved a shop and walked in the street thinking about fucking thing in my life till the day i came cross your sites on google. Now i’m on a coffee shop afer talking $1k5 from your dumps that i bought yesterday. you are Big boss in this UG World !! thanks you for everything and Merry Christmas

    1. Thanks you , God bless you !

  51. I’m going to buy Dec 25 I emailed you when am ready

    1. Let us known when you ready

  52. Hi I wanna buy some china D+P but i am first time work with ur team i got little scare. but contact me if u can

    1. Hi , check your email pls !

    2. what happen did it work out

    3. 工作率怎么样

      1. 通过ICQ91199999与我们联系

  53. Great job I spent a lot your the best

  54. Your track worked very well (y) thanks you

  55. How about if it declines do we get replacement

    1. if have problem, we will replace or send back money

  56. i need a dump 101
    help me please
    double pay for it but i am tired of fakes and losses
    if i provide a dump pay 2 trimes te value of

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999 or email

  57. Thanks for 3 EU dumps track has worked very good . i want buy more 10 pcs , Please give us good price

  58. Hey I’m trying to get numbers so I can online shop

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999 or email

  59. I really need dumps + pin in the n.c area..I’ve been looking for a while now.i pray we can do good business..Hit me back asap.

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999 or email

  60. I need dumps with pins for usa

    1. Check your email pls ! or contact us via icq 91199999

  61. Thanks sir , UK dumps pin worked very wells

    1. Text us when you want make more deal

  62. Can I purchase just 1 track + pin. Tired of getting scammed

  63. Wuddup world …. I been dealing with these guys for 3 months
    They are the best I just recently bought some dumps for the first time ……. I’ll let y’all know how good the dumps are …..

    1. We alway work very wells
      Thanks for bussiness with my team

      1. Always thank you sir for being loyal

  64. Hi sir . I got your dumps card pin code and work very wells
    Also I want get 5 cards more today. Pls reply my email

  65. Wanna buy bank logins ne body buy from here.. but there icq os not ans wierd

  66. Hi, I need dumps + pin.
    contact me.

    1. Emailed !. or contact us via icq 91199999

  67. I bought 3 dumps track 1/2 Usa from sellcvvdumps vendor
    All valid and worked very wells . thanks so much sir

    1. you works good too , let us known when you want buy more

  68. Hi Thanks you for your email please do you have shop for dumps i can register Thanks

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999 or email

  69. Hi need american standard visa dump 101 with pin

    1. hi, check your email pls !

  70. I need dumps , preferably High end CC Companies with Pin numbers. I will pay upwards to 300 per dump if good and approves for 10 times the value 1st time.. hit me up.

    1. hi, contact us via icq 91199999

  71. my name is Rasheed i work and live in china, but recently i lost my job and a friend introduce me to this site, i will like you to help me with china track 1 and 2 with pin. i will be very glad if you can do something about my situation .#thanks i await your reply

  72. I bought 3 USA dumps pin from sellcvvdumps team, all worked very wells

  73. Hello. I’m new. Please I would like to purchased Online track 1&2 Visa – Master classic, standard. ( China )
    (201). Do you have this dump in stock?

    I see you use Perfect money. How can I get the perfect money details and how much is the dump. Also how do I receive the dump after payment?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Check your email pls !
      We accecpt bitcoin payment or perfectmoney payment

  74. Hi there, I just emailed you and hope for a prompt response, great site and reviews. Looks amazing i hope to hear from you soon.

    1. contact us via icq 91199999

  75. Perfect ! Your dumps pin very good bro. I got 1100EUR on first DP and 1350EUR on the second DP. I will share your links to my friend. i will buy more at morning tomorrows . contact you via Email

  76. Hi im a newbie looking cvv and dumpz. pm me plz.

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